How to Strip & Wax a Floor

Knowing how to strip and wax a floor “correctly” is of primary importance if the floor is going to look professionally cleaned and have a glowing coat of wax. THere are some important steps you should follow during the process that will ensure the floor cleaning is a successful result.

First, you will need to gather the needed supplies:
• Slow speed floor machine
• Black stripping pads
• Cotton Mops
• Dust Mop
• Finish Mops
• Mop buckets
• Trash bags
• A Wet Vac

For Chemicals, you will need:
• Floor stripper
• Nutra-rinse
• Floor sealer
• Floor finish

Begin by sweeping and dust mopping the floor.

Apply the Stripping Mixture
To strip the floor, use a product that takes only one application. The one- application mix is mixed in a mop bucket as directed on the product label. Use a cotton mop to apply the stripping mixture to the floor. Do small areas at a time, with liberal amounts on the entire floor.

Strip the Floor
A floor cleaning machine is used with a black strip pad to scrub and strip the entire floor.
A Wet Vac is used to pick up the stripper and loosened wax. This must be done until the entire floor is stripped clean.

A neutral rinse is now applied with a clean cotton mop. Applying the neutral rinse will make sure that the sealer and finish will stick with no peeling or flaking.

Ready to Seal
Now it is time to seal the floor. Some would say this is not a necessary step, but it will help keep the floor finish brighter and lasting longer. The sealer should be poured into a bucket, lined with a trash bag. The application is done with a rayon or nylon mop, making sure it is completely saturated. Apply the sealer to entire floor in two coats, letting it dry completely between coats.

The Finish Line
To get a long lasting, great shine it is necessary to put four coats of finish wax on the floor. The finish needs to be applied with a clean rayon or nylnon mop, as was used in the sealing process. The finish needs to dry completely before the next coat is applied, so spreading that application out over a couple of days is a good idea. After the floor is dry, you should have a beautiful, long lasting shine.

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