Day Porter vs. Custodian vs. Janitor

As you’re searching for a commercial cleaning company, you may notice the different names for various cleaners, including day porters, custodians, and janitors. Familiarising yourself with the differences of each profession can help you find a cleaning service that suits your needs. Continue reading to discover a comprehensive comparison of day porters vs. custodians vs. janitors.

What Is a Day Porter?

A day porter is a professional who performs cleaning and maintenance tasks in office buildings and other commercial properties. Their primary goal is to keep the premises clean, organized, and presentable throughout the day.

Some of their duties include cleaning common areas, emptying trash bins, and restocking restrooms. Day porter services may encompass additional deep-cleaning responsibilities in cases where a mess is affecting the appeal or safety of a space.

What Is a Janitor?

A janitor is a cleaning professional who maintains the cleanliness and sanitation of a facility. They are responsible for a wide range of cleaning tasks, including disinfecting surfaces, trash removal, dusting at different heights, small repairs, and occasionally performing deep cleaning.

Janitors typically work during non-business hours to complete tasks that require an empty space, such as mopping. Retail stores, health care facilities, and office buildings are a few examples of commercial buildings that benefit from janitorial services.

What Is a Custodian?

A custodian is a professional cleaner who handles all aspects of building maintenance, from cleaning to repairs and upkeep. Their job involves keeping both the building and its surrounding grounds clean.

They are responsible for tasks such as washing inside and outside windows, shoveling snow, and sanitizing bathrooms. Offices, schools, and government buildings are among the various commercial properties that hire custodians.

Custodian vs. Janitor

There are similarities and differences between custodians and janitors in terms of responsibilities and required skill sets.

Although custodians and janitors share some similar responsibilities, custodians have a broader range of duties. In addition to maintenance, cleaning, and minor repairs, custodians also take care of groundskeeping and ensure the security of the building after hours.

While janitors and custodians both require attention to detail and good time management skills, custodians also need mechanical and technical skills.

Day Porter vs. Janitor

When comparing day porters vs. janitors, you can see similarities and differences in their job descriptions. Both roles require a detail-oriented mindset and a thorough understanding of health and safety protocols.

However, in addition to maintenance and cleaning responsibilities, day porters handle tasks such as running errands and greeting guests.

Day porters also have a more customer-facing role. This means they need to understand and uphold the company’s values and standards as they interact with visitors and employees throughout the day.

Day Porter vs. Custodian

Day porters and custodians have some similar responsibilities, but custodians mainly focus on maintenance and sanitation duties.

While a day porter restocks bathroom supplies such as paper towel and soap dispensers, the custodian’s role extends to cleaning and sanitizing sinks and toilets. A custodian relies on their handy skills for facility repairs and small painting projects, while a day porter relies more on communication and organization skills.

Custodians also require the strength and endurance to operate equipment such as buffers and sidewalk sweepers, a responsibility that is not typically assigned to day porters.

How to Choose Between Day Porter vs. Custodian vs. Janitor?

Day porters, custodians, and janitors share similar cleaning responsibilities. The distinct difference between custodians and janitors is that custodians have the added duties of repairs and groundskeeping. What sets day porters apart is that they have a more customer-centric role and rarely perform deep cleaning tasks. If you’re looking for the perfect cleaner for your property, check out Pro-Clean’s commercial cleaning services.

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